Turbine technology for baby wipes issue

Thursday 03 May, 2018
10:00 (AEST)

Company: Aquatec

Technology: Omni Grind Pump

Country of origin: AU


The Omni Grind Turbine (OGT) pump utilises a patented turbine technology to overcome the global issue of jamming from baby wipes and high maintenance costs in domestic sewer applications. The turbine technology is designed for a 20 year life over against existing progressing cavity technology which typically lasts 5-10 years. The technology passes the raw sewerage through a small grinder reducing the sewage to less than 1mm particles, which are then pumped by the regenerative turbine impeller through a hydraulically balanced volute into the pump outlet. The OGT is suitable for all sewerage applications in the wastewater market that require up to 1.25 l/sec per pump; up to 3 pumps can be used in parallel.