Low power, narrow bandwidth, long range network for IoT

Thursday 26 July, 2018
13:00 (AEST)

Company: Thinxtra

Technology: Thinxtra - Sigfox

Country of origin: AU


Internet of Things (IoT) is the wave impacting businesses by connecting objects to the Internet. Presently, high costs, short battery lives and complexity have prevented the IoT market from developing, particularly for low value objects (such as water meters) or simple information (such as: meter readings & leak detections). SIGFOX unleashes the full potential of IoT with disruptive long range, low bandwidth, low-power network. Thinxtra will provide SIGFOX connectivity across Australia from Q2 2016, enabling utilities to connect devices (SIGFOX modem) directly to our network without installing and maintaining a private and expensive network. A number of partners offering SIGFOX enabled devices are now available.