Survey grade Mobile 3D Laser Scanning and Imaging.

Wednesday 28 February, 2018
13:00 (AEDT)

Company: BCE Spatial

Technology: MX8 - Mobile 3D Laser Scanning

Country of origin: AU

BCE Spatial provide survey grade Mobile 3D Laser Scanning and Imaging (MLS) through a vehicle mounted LIDAR and Image capturing system. BCE Spatial owns and operates the Trimble MX8 MLS which is one of the the most sophisticated Mobile 3D Laser Scanning systems available. The benefits include 2 diagonally opposed lasers, which decrease shadowing caused by single laser systems and simultaneous photographic image capture. MLS is used to rapidly, accurately and safely provide 3D maps of road corridors, pipelines, urban environments and practically anywhere the 4WD can access. For example if accurate mapping of the location for a new or existing pipeline is required, MLS data can be used to accurately define features and locations, such as trees, poles and other structures that may affect the existing or proposed works. MLS is a highly accurate, rapid capture process, able to provide survey grade detail at far greater definition and lower cost per unit, at normal traffic driving speed.