Self-supporting trenchless pipeline rehabilitation

Thursday 04 October, 2018
15:00 (AEST)

Company: Primus Line

Technology: Primus Line

Country of origin: DE

Primus Line is a high-pressure pull through liner designed for the trenchless rehabilitation of critical infrastructure. It is pulled through in single lengths of over 1.24 miles, at a rate of 690 yards/h, and can navigate bends. The flexible high-pressure hose has a multi-layered structure and very thin walls, providing both flexibility and ultra-high material strength. Primus Line is suitable for rehabilitation of water or sewer pressure mains (steel, iron, plastic or other materials). It is used where civil works are difficult or impossible such as under a river, water body, motorway, rail crossing, etc. It can also be used to increase the pressure tolerance of existing pipes. The liner is self-supporting and only attached to the host pipe by high-pressure connectors on each end (an annulus remains between Primus Line and the host pipe).