Land/water use risk assessment utilising earth observation data from space

Wednesday 26 April, 2017
15:00 (AEST)

Company: Rezatec

Technology: Rezatec Earth Observation Imagery

Country of origin: GB

Rezatec analyses Earth Observation (EO) imagery to map the risk of multiple land use issues that affect water companies. In particular, water companies in areas dominated by agricultural land use need to understand where their pollution issues are coming from. Excessive nutrients and pesticides can negatively influence the quality of drinking water necessitating expensive water treatment to achieve Drinking Water Standards and are a direct concern of water utilities. Using proprietary agricultural classification database for a wide range of crop types and other agricultural land uses, Rezatec derives estimates of nutrient and pesticide application. When combined with hydrological, topographic, soil and weather data, Rezatec can provide a synoptic analysis of diffuse pollution risk across entire catchments. Rezatec’s unique data analytics provide utilities with regularly updated, standardised decision support tools to assess the relationship between agricultural land use an diffuse pollution in order to inform remediation action, meet regulatory compliance and ultimately reduce the cost of water treatment.