Removing and preventing rust and slime in water systems

Wednesday 16 May, 2018
14:00 (AEST)

Company: Rust Scale Ioniser

Technology: Rust Scale Ioniser

Country of origin: AU

RustScale Ionizer is a water conditioning system. The electrostatic technology works without chemicals, magnets or moving parts. The galvanic effect utilizes the patented zinc anodes to attract the negatively charged polar side of water molecules. As the negative poles surround the positively ionized zinc, needle-shaped structures are transformed into spherical structures. The system removes and prevents scale and slime, transforms current rust to magnetite and prevents further rusting, has zero operating costs, no environmental impact and has a life up to 25 years. RustScale Ionizer has in excess of 500,000 installations across Europe, Asia and the USA with proven success over 20 years.