Online optical water quality monitoring system

Wednesday 12 April, 2017
12:00 (AEST)

Company: Optiqua

Technology: Optiqua - Eventlab

Country of origin: SG

Optiqua Technologies has developed EventLab – a real-time water quality monitoring system, or Early Warning System, that can be deployed as a high density sensor network throughout a water distribution network. EventLab signals contamination events at a very early stage and continuously monitors variations in the water quality baseline, giving a real-time overview of the water quality throughout the distribution network. The system is based on chip sensor technology and uses a single optical sensor to monitor the full spectrum of possible chemical contaminants, without the use of reagents or other consumables. The optical sensor probe uses the patented Mach Zehnder Interferometry (MZI) principle which allows for continuous real-time measurements of minute changes of refractive index (RI). Real-time data algorithms and analysis are calibrated to the requirements of a specific water matrix, identifying the relevant contaminations online without delay.