Instrument for analysis of analyte at ultra low concentrations (ppb)

Wednesday 22 March, 2017
12:00 (AEDT)

Company: OndaVia

Technology: OndaVia Analysis System

Country of origin: US

The OndaVia Analysis System offers laboratory-quality water testing results in a portable kit, in under five minutes. The Raman-spectroscopy-based instrument accepts all OndaVia Analysis Cartridges—single-use, analyte-specific test kits that contain all materials required to perform a chemical test. OndaVia tests are faster and easier to use than existing methods, whilst providing the same or better level of accuracy. Compared to colorimetric tests, OndaVia kits have better accuracy and detection limits. Compared to laboratory methods, OndaVia tests are easier to use and considerably faster.