IoT enabled Sewer Level Monitoring

Thursday 26 July, 2018
14:00 (AEST)

Company: Metasphere

Technology: Sewer Level Monitoring

Country of origin: AU

Metasphere’s sewer level monitoring solution combines its small physical footprint 3G / IoT low power datalogger with an ultrasonic water level sensor and its software data visualisation & management tool ‘Palette’, providing proactive, cost-effective, near real time monitoring for sewer systems. It can be installed underground, pole mounted or in existing infrastructures, e.g. existing cubicles. The datalogger is battery operated. Long battery life ensures deployment in less accessible areas as a ‘fit and forget’ option. The datalogger and ultrasonic water level sensor is IP68 providing a certified watertight solution; to operate in harsh environments as found in sewer networks.