Intelligent drinking water flushing system

Thursday 01 November, 2018
11:00 (AEDT)

Company: SFI

Technology: Eclipse Flushing

Country of origin: AU

The Eclipse flushing station maintains safe residuals for drinking water by automatically flushing when residuals fall below programmed minimum levels, then shutting off when residuals reach programmed desired levels. Hence, water conservation is maximised. While water is being saved energy is being recycled. The energy from the discharging water is converted into electricity by a water turbine. This electricity is stored in batteries that are responsible for the electronics that provide enhanced monitoring and control to the flushing system. The Eclipse uses any analysers/sensors to provide detailed data regarding water quality. Data related to residual levels and flush times is recorded by the PLC. This data can even be retrieved remotely on a daily basis using a remote access SCADA system that collects the data via cellular, satellite or other communication transmission method. Or if you prefer, the data can be retrieved manually on a periodic basis.