Li-ion battery alternative for portable diesel generators

Tuesday 11 July, 2017
17:00 (AEST)

Company: FreeWire Technologies

Technology: FreeWire Technologies - MobiGen

Country of origin: US

The Mobi Gen lithium-ion battery system is a drop-in replacement for portable diesel generators. Sitting on a self-powered mobile platform, customers can easily move the system from one location to another, providing clean, quiet power wherever it is required. The Mobi Gen holds 48 kWh of lithium-ion batteries, equivalent to two Nissan Leafs. The unit provides 30 kW of peak power, and 15 kW of continuous power. It is completely mobile, making it ideal to move around in large deployments. There is no engine noise, as it is powered by it’s own batteries, reducing disturbance to the public and enhancing worker safety. Additionally, users can monitor and control the system remotely through FreeWire’s asset management platform