Flow Cytometer and microscope

Wednesday 25 October, 2017
10:00 (AEDT)

Company: Fluid Imaging

Technology: FLOWCAM

Country of origin: US


FlowCAM takes pictures of particles and microorganisms in a water sample. As a water sample passes through, a flash LED behind the flow cell provides back lighting for the camera, effectively “freezing” the sample for the camera to acquire an image of the flowing sample. These images are analyzed using the FlowCAM’s image recognition software, VisualSpreadsheet. This thresholds each relevant object (cell or particle) from the background and stores these within a “collage”. VisualSpreadsheet then algorithimically classifies the different types of microorganisms found in the sample and create libraries of microorganisms with similar characteristics. FlowCAM can acquire and measure thousands of particles per minute, far more than is possible with manual techniques, for higher statistical significance.