Floating Wetland

Thursday 14 February, 2019
14:00 (AEDT)

Company: Clarity Aquatic

Technology: Constructed Floating Wetland

Country of origin: AU


Clarity Aquatic’s Constructed Floating Wetland (CFW) is a modular raft with adjustable buoyancy that is made from UV-stabilised and recyclable Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). Each CFW module holds 15 crates, which are filled with 20 L of natural growing media (typically washed scoria) to accommodate between two and four plants per crate. The CFW allows plant roots to grow into the water, which facilitates settlement of suspended particles. The exposed roots also provide a surface area for biofilm growth, which is critical in nutrient sequestration, transformation and removal. As the plant roots provide a high level of surface area available for biofilm growth, a high level of water treatment can be achieved within a small area. Each CFW module has a reserve capacity of 500 kg and with non-slip surfaces for safe maintenance access. Monitoring equipment and solar panels can be installed on a module to allow for real-time water quality monitoring. Clarity Aquatic’s CFW system has a minimum design life of 20 years and a structural warranty of 10 years.