Energy efficient nanobubble generation

Thursday 31 October, 2019
12:00 (AEDT)

Company: Nanobubble Systems

Technology: Moleaer Nanobubble Generator

Country of origin: AU

Moleaer Nanobubble Generators which can be used in aeration basins, ponds, lakes or reservoirs include prevention of algal bloom and odour issues, supplemental aeration in activated sludge, as well as for reduction in turbidity, taste and odour compounds and iron and manganese concentrations.

The technology uses a new method of production of nanobubbles, compared to previous venturi or cavitation based nanobubble machines, has resulted in dramatically decreased CAPEX, OPEX and higher concentration of bubbles/ml (efficiency of action). Plug and play turn-key aeration system.The technology has shown proven benefit in the reduction of chemicals costs for algal bloom control, improved quality of treated water and increased efficiency of sludge reduction in activated sludge.