Drinking water pipe cleaning and re-lining

Thursday 28 November, 2019
11:00 (AEDT)

Company: Detection Services

Technology: Tomahawk and CELP

Country of origin: AU


Detection Services provide Envirologics Tomahawk and Cleaning Evaluation, Lining and Protection (CELP) Program which can be used to rehabilitate drinking water distribution mains.

CELP is an integrated combination of cleaning, evaluation, lining and protection technologies. The pipeline is dry cleaned with airborne stone (the Tomahawk technology) which can be quicker than traditional cleaning methods and requires no water for cleaning or flushing out the debris as a vacuum truck creates the airstream. Tomahawk can quickly clean up to 135 m of pipe and has been successfully used on same day return to service projects, eliminating the need to bypass which also reduces overall project costs. A combination of remote field eddy current pipe inspection, polymer lining and cathodic protection is used for the Evaluation, Lining and Protection steps. Cleaning and lining steps can be used for non- metallic pipes.