Low temperature thermal distillation

Wednesday 07 June, 2017
13:00 (AEST)

Company: Creative Water

Technology: Creative Water - Genesis Series

Country of origin: AU


The Genesis uses a low temperature, thermal distillation process known as adiabatic recovery to desalinate, dewater and/or recycle highly saline and highly contaminated waste water. The technology has been specifically designed to handle the high levels of contaminant that alternative technologies struggle to process, with proven results for water samples with TDS levels over 300,000 ppm that were reduced to less than 20 ppm. Genesis is able to reclaim up to 97% clean usable water and up to 100% of the contaminants contained in the feed water. The unit has a low power cost of 15 kWh per tonne of water evaporated and can use existing thermal energy sources, such as spray dryers, as a primary power source (site application dependent). The unit has a simple self-cleaning cycle using its own recycled water and no problematic filters or membranes. Soluble and insoluble contaminants are separately extracted and dried for sale or re-use. The compact nature of the Creative Water Technology allows it to be located on a clean site or as a retrofit to existing water processing plants to treat their waste or brine discharge.