Rapid, portable bacterial monitoring through the measurement of ATP

Wednesday 07 March, 2018
12:00 (AEDT)

Company: LuminUltra

Technology: LuminUltra

Country of origin: CA


LuminUltra’s innovative technology provides fast and accurate monitoring to any water, wastewater or organic fluid through the measurement of microbiology activity. The proprietary technology uses the measurement of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) as a direct indication of biological concentration and health. ATP is quantified by measuring the light produced through its reaction with the naturally-occurring firefly enzyme Luciferase using a Luminometer as the amount of biological energy present in the sample is directly proportional to the amount of light produced. Advanced 2nd Generation ATP test kits are portable and easy to use for an interference-free indication of total microbial quantity within minutes of sample collection so as to save time, reduce operating costs and achieve better manage risk.