Customer side leak detection system

Tuesday 13 June, 2017
13:00 (AEST)

Company: AquaTrip

Technology: AquaTrip leak detection System

Country of origin: AU

Aquatrip continuously monitors waterflow within the customer’s premises and shuts off the water supply automatically under various situations, e.g. a tap left running, a burst pipe, or if a tap, fitting, pipe, toilet cistern or appliance is leaking. AquaTrip does not interfere with normal water usage unless there is a leak. Real time water consumption and cost information can also be provided through an information display and control panel by connecting AquaTrip to a water meter. AquaTrip can be installed in residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings and water storage facilities. Other advantages of AquaTrip include: both wired or wireless installation, home and away modes and the ability to set consumption alerts for cost conscious users.