An app managing manual valve operations

Thursday 15 August, 2019
13:00 (AEST)

Company: BrandFour

Technology: SmartValve

Country of origin: GB

SmartValve is a mobile and web app that monitors, schedules and manages manual valve operations across a water network. Inefficient or incorrect valve operations increase the likelihood of leaks, bursts and discolouration caused by fluctuating pressure. SmartValve has been developed to help avoid such incidences. Compatible with iOS or Android, the phone is connected to a standard valve key using a Quad Lock (or similar). Using the phone’s senor array, it records the number, direction and speed of turns. This data is transmitted to the cloud for analysis. The web app compares the operation against the valve’s determined turn profile (based upon valve data stored by the water company, including location, size, orientation, valve type, area and asset number) and marks the turn as correct or incorrect. The app also utilises NFC technology for asset tagging of valves. Network technicians attach a plastic ruggedized NFC chip to each valve, linking it to data held on the app. Scanning the chip with a smart phone displays the valve’s full operational history (who did what and when). Users can update certain aspects of valve information in the field and take images and notes of issues that future operators need to be aware of. The operations control centre can schedule valve operations for network technicians via the app, for monitoring of all manual valve operations across the network in real-time.