Webinars will be scheduled in accordance with specific themes in water and wastewater. These themes are listed below.

We would love to hear from you. If you would like to suggest new themes for IsleChemy, please complete our survey.


  1. 65 000km above sea level
    Aerial survey technologies - satellite and drone technologies
  2. Clever connectivity
    IoT demystified and mobility solutions
  3. Don't wanna be all by myself
    O&M mobility solutions
  4. Every drop matters
    Water efficiency technologies that save water from water resource planning through to household water efficiency.
  5. From treatment to tap
    Water quality monitoring technologies for potable water.
  6. Large and small treatment technologies
    Treatment technologies that can be used for any scale of project.
  7. Power to the people
    Energy generation from AD enhancements to renewable technologies
  8. Save your energy
    Energy efficiency technologies that can be retrofitted into existing systems.
  9. Separation anxiety
    Novel filtration technologies across the spectrum - from suspended solids to dissolved solids.
  10. The key to a long life
    Technologies for asset management – maximising the life of underground assets.